David Lawrence

“Mining is a fickle business that is as much about passion and skill as it is about technology and systems for both the miners and the maintainers.

From boring out a face in an underground development heading with a three-boom jumbo to loading and hauling more than 300 tonnes of ore in a single truck out of the world’s largest open cut operations, there is nothing surer than the equipment operator wants one key thing—reliability. The abhorrent and unnecessary cost of unreliability is only known when reliability itself is achieved.

This book provides real-life experiences and sets out simple pathways to achieve every COO’s goal of predictable, smooth, and cost-efficient operations. I highly recommend this practical guide as a constant companion when in pursuit of mining operational excellence.”

Mike Anglin

“I believe that Gerard’s practical approach to simplifying and applying the large number of maintenance tools and procedures available will benefit the mine maintenance community.”

Ian Peterson

“Finally, a practitioner’s guide to the success factors that every maintenance leader and their boss need to know about transforming maintenance performance.”

Tom Houston

“The old saying “simplicity is on the other side of complexity” rings true with what Gerard is telling us. He has experienced most of the processes and theoretical solutions out there, tried things and seen what works, and has put it into words we can relate to and put into practice.”

Phil St Baker

“Gerard cuts through the complexity, pin points the critical fundamentals and backs it up with real life examples.

A must read for anyone wanting operational success in mining!”

Matthew Grant

“Maintenance is a business that’s very easy to overcomplicate. Gerard gives us a clear-eyed view on how to cut through this complexity and focus on what adds value.”

Johan Snyman

“The book takes you back to the practical models that assist the understanding of B2B. It is an excellent addition to any supervisor, manager and reliability engineer’s desktop. It builds onto foundations of Ron Moore, Rickey Smith and Mike Gehloff. I am very proud to say that we now have Gerard Wood.

The book should also be read by Facility Managers and other industries, it is not just for miners. Well Done Gerard, a great learning module.”