Simplifying Mining Maintenance


In the world of mining, both mining and asset management professionals often face challenging plant and fleet reliability or cost
problems. Over the years we have developed complicated systems and processes to deal with such situations, but in the real world of maintenance, to be truly effective, organizations must adopt practical, people-based processes and routines that are simple so that large
groups of people can align and become effective.

After more than thirty years in the mining business, Gerard Wood has experienced firsthand the persistent maintenance problems that
can occur, which led him to develop effective methods for managing maintenance teams and ensuring optimal equipment performance. In
Simplifying Mining Maintenance, he presents two time-tested models for reliable maintenance management, as well as actionable solutions
to common problems causing unscheduled downtime events, increased scheduled downtime, cost concerns, people problems, and
transitions to operations.

Having the best maintenance organization in the world is possible—by getting back to basics with simple, culture-focused models that can
keep any mining business running like a well-oiled machine.